A downloadable Decline's Drops

Decline's Drops is a game about a wooden puppet who just didn't want her garden to be destroyed.


I decided to remove the demo for now, as it does not represent how the game looks and plays now anymore. Another one will be available sometime in the future. Stay tuned!


Decline's Drops is a Super Smash Bros. X Yoshi's Island X Kirby 64 platformer, packed with action and fully hand-drawn animations!

  • Discover a poetic, vibrant and somehow melancholic universe through 6 worlds full of collectibles and things to explore.
  • Defend yourself with your powerful gloves and a wide range of attacks, allowing you to adapt to each and every situation!
  • Avenge your garden by defeating all of the 6 Hydra heads and reveal the true reason behind the apparition of the Decline.

Good old game design

Each level has been handly-crafted with patience and care to provide the best experience possible. Each and every corner hides a secret, a collectible, something to break or to fight to surprise you everytime.

A unique world

Decline's Drops isn't just about smashing GMO chickens. Each world is a satire of an aspect of our world, a criticism of our behavior against the nature. Each Hydra is an allegory, a synthesis of a specific theme.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(46 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Action, Fighting
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, animated, brawler, Hand-drawn
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Playstation controller

Development log


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Made a video for new demo on Steam

This was a fun game. The level and the Music were beautiful. The Graphic looked nice. The Boss in the end had the right difficulty. I recommend everyone on playing it. I made a video if someone is interested


Loved the Demo, can't wait for the full game


Oooh I lovw this game!! can't wait for the rest of the game to finish! it's a good game.

Thank you very much! I'll do my best so you can enjoy the full game!

Deleted 1 year ago

Hey Spielpro, thanks for your awesome vid and nice comment! I really enjoyed watching you play Decline's Drops (and it also makes me realize how much the game has actually changed/improved since this demo, which is great too) and I really hope you'll like the final game! See you next time!

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This game is incredible I absolutely like it the art style the music and the gameplay are all so unique and incredible I played this game in a random games video but overall I enjoyed this one. 

It won't let me install it


Hello Drazglb! I LOVED your game! I made a review, but in portuguese XD

I hope full game launch soon! Good Luck in your Dev :3

Hey, thank you very much!!! Too bad I don't understand portuguese...!


Nice work! I'm a dev too, so I thought I'd check the game out.

I think I encountered a bug here: 

The character was in the bottom-right corner, but when I jumped up to the roof, the camera bounds moved over to this other room with the boxes. Not sure if that was intentional or if the bounds of the box room was placed incorrectly.

One more thought: I like that you can't cancel your attacks into a parry, otherwise you could cheese the boss by parrying on reaction. However, because of this, it feels like the best strategy is to jab the boss instead of comboing. If you get locked in a combo when the boss attacks, you'll get hit, so it's safer to use individual attacks and wait for a chance to parry. 

Could probably be fixed if the boss enters hitstun when you combo them - but you also don't want the player to button mash, either, so it's a little tricky. Just something to keep in mind.

Either way, great work so far!


Hey there, thank you very much for your feedback and bug report!

There's a ton of things that need to be improved regarding the combat system, and I have to find ways to force the players to vary their strategies. I noticed what you mention too and actually, it kind of applies to every enemy who has more than one HP, so I'm currently trying to find some solutions. One could be, for example, to add way more HPs to the enemies so the attacks can have more important differences in term of power, making it so the jab only is dealing minimum damages and used for reacting quickly. Another solution is, as you said, creating a hitstun state for enemies when they get combo'd, and I'm thinking about enemies that need you to perform specific attacks in order to get hit.

Thank you very much again!


gangco !???!? also everything else about this game!!!!???!


This is a very cool game. I love how you implement versatile verbs in the combat system.

Thanks a lot!


I think that you should make it so that you use WASD keys instead of the arrows thanks!


love the game can't wait for full release



This is an excellent game. It makes me very happy to see it grow and recieved support. I hope this video will be useful to make Declines Drops a little bit more public with hispanic gaming community.

I love to see the progress of the game, as well as the progress of my gameplay hehe.

Gameplay from  28 November 2020 - Game V 0.2

Gameplay from  11 September 2020 - Game V 0.1


sweet bg  reminds me yoshi island some what here is my run no boss damage

hope see more bosses and skills 


Here's a playtest. I hope it's helpful.

It is! I will do my best to improve the game feel . Thank you very much for this constructive playtest!


Made a video


As I said on Twitter, it was very fun to watch you play the new demo! Thanks a lot!

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Hi Drazglb. I have played your game and I say that's a fenomenal work of art here. The graphics and the music are so gorgeous. I just loved every aspect of your work, I loved to play that and I took the chance to post on my channel.

Maybe the only problem here is the lack of more enemies, in my humble opinion. Despite that, I give you kudos for this beautiful game. 

Hey, thank you for playing Decline's Drops! I'm so happy you enjoyed it.
I agree, there are not lots of enemies for now and the only one who has more than 1 HP is the chicken. This is something I'm working on and there will be lots of new and tougher enemies to fight in the final release, of course. For the next demo, you'll see more enemies too! Stay tuned =)


This is definitely a very neat and stylishly animated game, I love the concept and the art style. However, I don't know what current plans are like, but I'd warn against making too many bosses that are just big unflinching damage-sponges.

These sorts of bosses work for Smash because they provide a style of gameplay that every character can approach in the same way with less risk of bad matchups, where everyone's moves have the same effect (just do damage until you win) and everyone can avoid attacks with the generic dodge/shield/jump moves. But... because of this, they're too far separated from the standard gameplay, and somewhat homogenized. More of a fun sideshow than a culmination of the mechanics.

Since you don't have to work with this constraint, you should be able to make bosses that follow the mechanics of the rest of the game, and provide more satisfying "make use of what you've learned" challenges rather than basically making the player adapt to a whole separate playstyle for boss fights


Hi, first of all thank you for your kind message and your very useful feedback!

I'll be honest, I never thought about that problem. While I do have many ideas for the bosses, I must admit the way you fight them is indeed similar to the ones you fight in the Super Smash Bros. series, or the Shovel Knight bosses, to give another example.

It's actually a very good advice, and while the first boss is already done for the next demo (and I currently don't have the time to remake it), I'll definitely consider the question as I now think of many new possibilities. A huge, huge thank you for that.

I sincerely hope you'll enjoy what's coming next!


I really liked the demo.

✔️ Graphics - The overall look is cohesive. Very easy to the eyes. Beautiful. There are many ways to describe how good the graphics is. I like it very much. The screen transition is really cute as well, and I also liked its color palette.

✔️ Sound effects and music

✔️ Character movement and attack - Moves smoothly and I like the variety of attacks

✔️ Level design - I only played one level. I like the design because it wasn't monotonous or boring. It was fun exploring, collecting stuff and fighting the enemies.

Minor stuff:

The default controls are a bit odd for me though, WAD instead of ASD. But that's just a minor thing that can be fixed with customizable controls. And on the tutorial decals, W and A are switched.


Thank you very much for your message! I'm really happy you enjoyed the demo.

I added and fixed many things in the next update, and changed the controls for the gamepad. Keyboard controls will stay that way for now, customizable controls will come later but it will be in the final version, I promise!


It may just be a one stage demo for now, but Decline's Drops definitely shows potential. Quality character animations, fun visuals, chickens to punch, and a good kick of nostalgia. It's a good time and I'm curious to see what comes next.

Good job, dev.

As I said on Twitter, really enjoyed watching your playthrough and your voice is really nice! Thak you for playing my game, hope you'll like what's coming next.


I am play game.

I love game.

the controls of the game were difficult. (Pc)

But the game was good.

I wrote this article with translate. may be wrong.


basically my thoughts as well.

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. Customizable controls will come later, but I changed the gamepad default mapping for the next demo.


Absolutely loved this game. Played it on stream with a friend and enjoyed the aesthetic, art, sound, and gameplay. Love to see what it becomes. Brilliant game that gives off "Lesbian Cottagecore Sonic" vibes.

"Lesbian Cottagecore Sonic" I love it. Thank you for that comment, and very glad you enjoyed the demo!


It took me a while to find all the drops, but it was worth it (despite the lack of a payoff), especially since the theme of this game resonated with me so much :D


Oh, thank you for playing my game! Next time, you'll obtain a reward, believe me!


Good to hear; the completion of this game about a puppet who wants to restore her garden will be the greatest gift you can give to your fans, including me :D


amazing vibe you got going on there! Keep up the good work :)

Thank you very much!


i think it would be better to have the glove sign say keep running or a small animation of them running and then transforming

You're right, and it's something I just fixed!


Very relaxing game! 

I think the frog boss fight's hit box could be more accurate (on the tongue fist attack). The game could also be harder. Nevertheless, a fun game!


Thank you!

You're right, I'll fix this in the next demo.
Also this is the very first stage, so I don't want it to be too hard. But don't worry, I'll spice things up later!


I like the graphics😊

Thanks a lot!!


I wish I could draw like you, so I could make my dream game. Any tips on drawing??


Hi , thank you very much, I really appreciate it! I'll answer to both of your questions.
The game is planned to be released on the end of 2021, probably early 2022.
As for drawing tips... Well, to me there's only one rule: training. Train a lot, stay focused, and over everything have fun even if it's hard!


What a cool, good looking and fun game! Didn't play it, but the demo is amazing. When will it be completely done??

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Weird question but what did you use to make the visuals for your game? I would assume that the character animations were made in adobe animate (as that's the only form of vector graphics GMS2 supports in sprites besides Spine), but if you wouldn't mind I'd like to know just a bit more about your method (especially in regards to environments), speaking as a fellow GMS user who wants to avoid ye olde pixel graphics artstyle.

Obviously you don't have to answer if it would be too revealing in regards to your work methods.


Hi there! There's no reason I wouldn't reveal how I work ^^! Actually everything is hand-drawn frame by frame and I use Clip Studio Paint Pro EX. I export the animations as PNG files directly in Game Maker Studio 2. Same goes for the backgrounds. Hope you find this useful for your next project!

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Wait, if that's the case then how did you manage to keep the image from being butchered in windowed mode, when it's in lower resolution? Obviously the character sprite is lower res and you can see the pixels but like, damn, that's a smooth transition for a bitmap!

Well, you can thank Pixelated Pope for the amazing tutorial he did about keeping aspect ratio and cameras! I made my own camera based on these tutorials:


I love the art design, the music works very well, the gameplay seems very comfortable to me and somehow a nostalgic feeling that remainds me when I play with my Nintendo Ds when I was a kid, I am exited to see how much the full game can offer, good work

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I am really, really happy you liked that tiny demo! Thank you, I hope you'll like what's coming next!



Right off the bat, the game art-style screams at the viewer. Beautifully done and the music is very catchy. Buttons are smooth, but somehow doesn't follow the traditional mapping as other genres. I am also having difficulty performing the power punch move. Not sure if I am inputting the buttons wrong or what not. overall great game and here is my Video Review of it!

Wow I loved your style, great video! Thank you for your amazing feedback! I know the power punch move is badly explained, you actually just have to run for a certain amount of time and then when the character starts to blink you just use the attack button!
Again, thank you very much!


I enjoyed the demo: great graphics and good music. It would be interesting to see what later levels are like.

Thank you very much! Another demo is coming very soon, this month or next month :).

Nice work, but i wonder what you call this art style?

Thanks! Honestly I don't know... Backgrounds are inspired by some of my favorite painters, mainly Impressionists or post-impressionists such as Claude Monet, Pissarro, Degas, but also Erin Hanson or Claude Gellée (called le Lorrain).
As for the animations... Well, I'd say it's quite Kirby-ish? I think it kind of looks like Hollow Knight in some way...

That is very nice but i cant Binding these dreamy and beutifull backgrounds with character fighting, but overall its a good job, good luck.


Cool game so far 


I got an error:

action number 1
of  Step Event0
for object Ogalli:

Unable to find any instance for object index '102226'
at gml_Script_attack_state_enemy
stack frame is
gml_Script_attack_state_enemy (line -1)

I was trying to do a super attack, and dodge rolled through a chicken instead. Then it locked up. I had just gotten the first gold drop.


Then again, I deleted the game, but decided to restore it. Perhaps it's my fault.


i absolutely love the boss battle theme

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